To me, mountain sports are a phenomenal excuse to travel!


I've gone to a LOT of places in my life and will be really happy to help you organize your own adventure - be if for skiing, climbing, ice climbing and/or alpinism. I've had my share of joys and sorrows while on the move and have learned a lot along the way. Do remember to ask me what happened to my iPod when I was on a skiing trip in the middle of a curfew in one of the most militarized zones in the world! It's a great tale.


Here is a list to give some ideas :

          . Ice Climbing in Norway or Canada

          . Skiing in India, Iran, Japan, Greenland, Austria, Norway, Georgia, Russia, Lebanon , Greece and plenty of possibilities.

          . Boat skiing  in Norway, Greenland, Island, Spitsbergen or South Georgia.

          . Heliski in Canada, Russia, Sweden.

          . Climbing in India, Iran, Chile, Patagonia, Morocco, Greece, Turkey, USA, Canada.

          . High altitude mountaineering, rock climbing and alpinism in India, Nepal, China, Mongolia, Tanzania, USA, Argentina, Bolivia.