Freeride, off piste, freetouring

The best way to discover ski touring is to go to a ski area, but a li'l bit away! We can use the ski lifts to go up or brave it out uphill on skins - I'll take you to places where the snow is fabulous!


The goal is to be outside and have a gala time!

Ski touring

Ski touring gives you unreal mountain accessibility. Having the privilege to discover valleys, to have the chance to make the first tracks wherever you want - ski touring is often a nice outing!


Trips can be customized - for one day or several, a ski raid (a new hut every night) or from the same base camp - it's all possible.

Security Training

You're often out touring with friends or free-riding and you'd like to be autonomous. We can have a single or multi-day training to learn the methods of Beacon (search methodology during an avalanche) and Nivology. Equip yourself with the knowledge that'll earn you the freedom to explore deeper and wider.


I can take you out skiing to different places in Switzerland or Italy in collaboration with their respective heli companies. The possibilities here are endless. We can plan for just 1 or several drops in a day - or do it all day long! The choice is yours!